Best ways to Boost Your Organic Social Media Reach

Best ways to Boost Your Organic Social Media Reach

When it comes to social media reach, Facebook is always the first platform to come up in conversation. Interestingly enough, it’s also the first platform to come up when talking about the decline of organic reach on social media. What about reach on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn? Everywhere you look, organic reach is plummeting. Today we’re going to look at why and what you can do to change it. For small businesses or large organizations, it’s not always reasonable to pay for marketing on social media. For others, it’s about balancing the paid reach with organic.

Building social media organic reach can be very difficult. There is a very high level of competition between brands and businesses across social media platforms. Moreover, every platform operates by its algorithm. While paid and sponsored content is a sure-shot way to get your content in front of your target audience, you also need to have a strong social media strategy for the same. Let’s face it, paid campaigns also come with a price tag and not all businesses can afford to do it regularly.  The right mix of paid and organic content can help you ace your brand’s social media reach.

In this blog, we will tell you about the 3 most effective ways to boost your social media reach organically.

Understanding the algorithms behind social media platforms

To make sure you are getting the most out of each social media network, you have to learn about every aspect of it and ensure you have a good understanding of how each platform’s algorithm works. The algorithm measures how much of your video or post is watched, as well as how many likes, comments, shares, and downloads it receives.

It seems that the ratio is 1 for every 10 views to trigger the algorithm to show the video to more people. Facebook’s algorithm was updated to place a greater emphasis on content from friends and family, making it harder for brands to get their posts seen. The change was made to help promote content that encourages ‘meaningful interactions’ from users.

Learn more about your audience

This is the most important step before implementing any type of best practice or campaign in your social media strategy. Without understanding your target audience, you won’t know the channels they utilize, their interests, the websites they visit, etc. This insight will open doors to the content your audience enjoys, and the messaging that will spring them into action.

You also can look at your competitors; research and partner with industry leaders; and utilize hashtags to learn more about your audience. Once you feel like you’ve gained a full understanding, you can create social media content that truly resonates with an engaged audienc

High-quality content and posting frequencies are very important

We need to post several high-quality contents. You must always post high-quality content. If it’s not good, it’s better not to post it at all. Beyond the algorithm question, top-notch content builds a good reputation for your brand among your followers.

Yes, now you know that overposting is bad. But how many times per day should you post on social media? Many social media strategists recommend twice. But every business is unique, and every audience is different. How people use each platform is not the same, either. Set up an experiment where you change your posting frequency on each platform every week. Then, based on the statistics provided by the analytics, you’ll know what works for you.




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