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5 Steps To Effectively Sell Your Products On Instagram

About 2 million advertisers use Instagram every single month.

Considering this is still a very small fraction of one billion. And even though not all of Instagram’s user base is in the market for new products and services, you are not the only product or service, there is still plenty of chances to leverage the podium to sell your items.

In one of the surveys specially made by Facebook, 80% of users said that Instagram assists in their explored products and services.

You can feature your product steadily in Instagram posts so that people can learn about your products. With Instagram, people can purchase your products right from your photos and videos.

Convert to a business profile

It’s not as easy on Instagram as it is on Facebook, to look up a user’s personal and demographic information. It’s even more difficult to accumulate that data. Instagram Insights does the hard work for you.

Under the Activity tab, you’ll find a system of measurement like profile visits, website clicks, reach, and impressions. In the Content tab, you can take a look at the act of each post or story, including the profile visits and engagements of each. In the Audience tab, you can see the locations, ages, and genders of your followers, as well as the days and times of days they’re active.

Run your campaigns with the hashtag

Commonly, business owners are desperate to reach more people, but they have no idea how. If you’re a serious business owner you might look at a hashtag and think, that’s a perky thing. Hashtags are the biggest way to make an impression with your organic Instagram campaigns. You can see, on a post-by-post basis, how many impressions come via hashtags, and how many of the accounts that you reached weren’t following you when they saw your post.

Start running ads

Another thing business owners think they have a very tight budget for Instagram ads, and that couldn’t be added to the truth. If you execute effectively, you will get more for your money running low-budget paid Instagram campaigns than you will creating and run organic campaigns. Instagram ads represent the potential for insane ROI, so, you’re going to get your money back with plenty of interest.

Use Instagram to shop for physical products

If you’re an e-commerce vendor, Instagram shopping is your best friend. A brief description of its works, and how to get set up. Shopping posts look like organic posts, with the omission that when users click to see product names and prices are discovered. And when they click on the identifiers that pop up, they’re taken to a product details page encompassing a description of the product and a Call To Action. From there, they click through to a landing page.

Set up is a matter of making sure you have a product catalogue ready to go on Facebook and enabling product tagging. Manual targeting (Demographic, Behaviour, Interest) lets you reach a very broad base of net new prospects; and the ability, through product tagging in Instagram shopping, to show those prospects all the applicable details of your product confirms that anyone who engages with your ad is highly capable once they land on your website.

Partner with influencers

Influencer marketing has been on the rise for a while now, but it’s especially prominent on Instagram, and it’s also prominent as a means of endorsing physical goods. For the reason that putting your product in the hands, of an influencer lends it credibility with a spread-out and wholly new audience.

There is a surplus of Instagram influencers right now who grew up using the app and have an inherent understanding of how to leverage it to accumulate and maintain a loyal following. There are thousands of these tiny pockets of stardom on the app, and for a very reasonable price, you can leverage them to put your product in the limelight.


To gain the rewards Instagram offers you first have to buy into the platform at large and commit to it as a profitable platform.

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