Re-harvest Leads From Social Media Platforms

Ways To Generate & Re-harvest Leads From Social Media Platforms

For businesses of various sectors across different industries, a shared aim lies: A powerful lead generation tactic is one of the most essential and fundamental parts of business growth and scalability. While it can be challenging to identify paths that produce quality leads with high purchase intent, there are several ways to improve lead generation — social media platforms being one of them.

Social media is among the most rewarding ways for businesses to gain traction with qualified leads and increase the efficiency of their lead-generation approaches. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others can be used to drive lead generation, or a series of actions commenced through social media channels to obtain leads. Companies can tailor their social media content like posts, live videos, and clickable content to garner improved results in collecting sales leads, building brand awareness, and attracting external social media users.

Some reimbursements for using social media platforms as a vantage point for enticing leads include that both organic and paid content can appeal to potential customers, increase brand awareness, and obtain contact details like email addresses. Best of all, businesses can leverage social media marketing to attract their target audience and find ways to engage with people who may need to pay more attention to their content. 

Social media lead generation strategies not only help B2C lead generation but can also benefit B2B marketers to identify B2B buyers interested in certain products and services. When these users are emphasized, marketers can deliver relevant content to the target market, curated with precise messaging and advertising to act as a crucial part of their decision.

Following are ways to get more leads on social media:

Optimize your profile

Before you plan your social media campaign, ensure things are in place for you to accumulate leads organically. Your profile must have the means for customers to contact you in the easy way possible.

Provide contact details
Create call-to-action buttons
Add a link to your bio

Your contact details should be available on your profile via phone, email, Messenger, or other means.

Depending on your goal, various platforms offer unique profile features. It’s advisable to add CTA buttons so that they can serve your objective precisely.

If you can, have a call-to-action so people can click and know well enough what they should expect to find.

Soshell provides the explicit service to create all your social media pages as per your requirement with all details required for optimizing your single or multiple social media platforms.

Create clickable content

With compelling content, you will accumulate leads. It’s that simple. Remember, everyone on social media is contending for attention. And attention spans are significantly shorter. Soshell helps you create a relevant post using sharp images and clear and sound messages. If your aim is to get more leads, make sure to tailor your creative to support it. With click-worthy content, you’ll want to ensure people have a place to click. Each post must have a clear link and appealing call-to-action. 

Here are some more clickable options that Soshell would advise is available across different platforms:


  • Tag products in your Facebook Shop
  • Swipe up on Instagram stories
  • Shoppable Instagram posts and stories
  • Shop the Look Pins on Pinterest
  • YouTube Cards and end screens

Share testimonials as social proof

Customer positive feedback and testimonials can provide the proof you need to acquire new leads. You showcase how clients have profited from your products and services to prove your brand value. According to Soshell, two out of three people will likely buy from you after watching a testimonial video that establishes how a business, product, or service has assisted and can convert the lead. 

IBM regularly shares winning video testimonials of how individuals are benefited from its products and initiatives. You could get consumer reviews and convert them into an animated video to share as social proof. Soshell can help you make a compelling video.

Engage directly with your customers.

You can interact with your target audience directly using features like tweet chat on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook live, or LinkedIn messaging. For instance, on Instagram, you can post stories with polls or questions to offer your audience to respond, allowing you to answer back to them and finally build a connection with them. 

Another proactive way to engage with social media users is to exercise social media listening and actively look for comments or conversations ongoing online to see what people are chatting about. This is particularly important regarding your business, specifically to learn about competitor brands and companies. You may use that opportunity to engage with that person and potentially convert them into a qualified lead.

Utilize lead generation ads.

Each social media channel has its own lead ad way, which can all be used for more significant effect. Soshell recommends for different social media channels following approach:

Soshell creates enticing Facebook lead gen ads specifically designed to help you collect contact information from your audience directly from mobile ads or a landing page. This makes it easier for potential consumers to fill out their information on the Facebook platform, besides simplifying the process of following up with potential customers for your business.

We also help you create Instagram lead gen ads that collect information like email addresses, birth dates, career fields, etc. Instagram-led ads can optimize direct marketing campaigns and help your business learn more about your customers.

LinkedIn lead gen forms are well-known for their efficiency. According to Soshell, it has 2-3x more conversions compared to sponsored campaigns. These forms can be downloaded to be used by your sales and marketing teams, allowing potential customers to send their professional information to you.   

Using the re-harvesting technique, you can collect more leads online as it enables you to target people that click on your links — regardless of whether or not they have visited your website. This technique works by adding a retargeting pixel to any link that you share, and even if it’s not pointing to your website, anyone who clicks on that link will be added to your retargeting audiences. Simply put, retargeting + your links = more leads.        


With these highly effective social media lead-generation ideas, you should see a significant improvement in your social ROI. And this will help overall business growth in the long run. Remember to measure the effectiveness of your lead gen efforts and look for options to improve. Even if you may still need to feel like a social media lead generation expert, you are equipped with some basic fundamentals to start your efforts. 

At Soshell, we specialize in social media marketing services and lead-generation tactics to be applied at the right time on the right platform. Please consult with us to know how you can optimize your lead generation methods to lift engagement and customer base for your business!

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