Achieve your Goals of Brand Awareness with Optimised Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has covered all over the world. It is not the trend anymore, but trends cannot survive without digital marketing. Digital marketing is a product, a service, a strategy, a solution, a business etc.

And in a digital marketing world where competition is on high, one needs to follow and analyze the various trends that are likely to affect the market. Here we have such trends that are likely to have a greater impact on current and future market:

Augmented Reality

With advancement in the technology and people becoming tech savvy augmented reality or AR is the most important trend that impacts the business. The success of Pokémon Go is known to everyone and it demonstrates how the integration of AR with social media can be a game changer. As the number of mobile phone users is increasing in India and across the globe, different brands are focusing on Augmented Reality to establish better engagement with the users.

Visible marketing transformation

Digital marketing is trending everywhere and is transforming the expansion and includes most of the customer engagement process on different platforms. The heads of various marketing organizations are busy in the process to make it more result-driven. There is no doubt that digital marketing will be smarter and more intelligent in future and is likely to be inclusive in coming times.

Increase in Voice Marketing

The Google database shows that around 20 percent of the mobile searches are based on voice and with technology like voice recognition the voice searches has really gone handy with people who are not too well versed with typing and English language. Digital marketers should focus on voice marketing and use voice search and give ads on such platforms to enhance attention to it.

Real-life Experiences will be handy

With people getting attracted towards real-life experiences more and want to experience everything as they are in reality there is a possibility that the digital marketers will turn their attention towards this marketing strategy to enable-life handy real life experience on various products.

Storytelling trends

Indian market seems to follow the trends in western markets and with storytelling getting more popular among different generations it is noteworthy to bank on suitable features that would enable storytelling to grab more and more user base. Digital marketing is in trend and marketers around us will definitely use a storytelling as trump card in near future. People on various social media platforms also use story posting option and it is likely that facebook and whatsapp the social media giants will churn up this feature in future.

Adding Customer Experience

When a brand tries to evolve it looks for the customer experience as a part of its Research and development and tries to design the new product which is most suitable to what the users want. And also having customer experience feedback on your site boosts the views as other people are manipulated from the better views from other users. So this is an attractive and easy feature for increasing business.

Localization factor

In this mobile-driven era, Localization is an important factor and companies seek to use it for increasing their market share through enhancing overall engagement that can opt for localization approach. The digital marketers also implement native strategy of advertising to reach maximum people by using local language of advertising.

Live Chat will be popular

Most of the customers want the business to be available 24*7 and interactive to them. Today, the real-time response matters in making a better trust on customers and helps in making purchase decisions. And live chat feature gives a feeling to customers that the business is open and ready to help them.

IoT will be booster

The Internet of thing concept is replaced by Internet of Everything. And people are using internet for most of their queries doubts and difficulties. Digital marketing experts need to utilize this concept to promote products and services in engaging way. Also Internet of Thing is relatively more affordable as compared to other instruments, and they can increase experience. And it will boost the business.

Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence

Most businesses have agreed to use AI actively in the marketing within 1-2 years. Chatbots and other interactive tools can give a real-time response to the customer’s queries and facilitate them to make a buying decision. Such tools can work on the basis of behaviour analysis, and also, can relentlessly interact with multiple people at once.

Personalized content is necessary

Every aspect of digital marketing is dependent on content in one or other way. Customised content and content with personalised touch can attract and retain customers with ease, and lead them toward your objective. Therefore, big brands will opt for personalized and unique content more than ever in future. We cannot rule out the possibility of content-rich marketing campaigns combined with voice search, interactive tutorials and more enhancements.

Privacy will be in demand

Almost every one change his purchase decisions due to privacy concerns, still there are people who hesitate to use online features that wants their atm pins or passwords for transactions. Or we can say that companies need to be committed towards the protection of privacy of users. And it is necessary to keep privacy protection in mind while making digital marketing strategies.

Ads will be Purposeful

In any digital marketing campaign; ads play a vital role to reach a targeted audience. But then, people have already started giving less attention to the ads, marketers needs to rebuild the ad strategy and only purposeful ads with highly objective and capacity to attract a targeted audience will work wonders. And we can also expect mobile ad platforms like social media platforms will play a most vital role.

As the Digital marketing is in trend and Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Augmented Reality and other technologies are set to bring vital changes in conventional digital marketing practices. Along with this, the user behaviour and feedback along with the protection of privacy will take centre stage to upcoming years. And it is very interesting to watch the various digital marketing firms taking stands on these changes and adopting newer methods of meeting the marketing and branding requirements of their clients worldwide.

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